Friday, October 07, 2005

Too Extreme?

So it has been brought to my attention that I might be a bit extreme. Maybe even offensive. Now for context, this is from a fellow Christian, not an unbeliever- so this person meant that I am over the top in my thinking about Christianity. Now I will say this- I am a lot of talk. I cannot be all that I want to be- its like what Paul said, "I do what I don't want to do, and I don't do what I desire to do." Therefore I do not hold other Christians at a higher standard than myself- nor do I beat myself up when I screw up- and this happens quite often.

It was also mentioned to me that I might be a bit legalistic. Ok, so this is possible, but lets talk motive. Do I ride the evangelism train a little hard? In comparison to most, probably, but why? Because I have tasted the best icecream in the world, and now I want to share it. Not for my sake of course, but rather because there are millions of people out there all around me who are looking for the best icecream in the world and I want them to be able to enjoy it with me. Granted, I cannot make any one eat of the icecream, but if the person is ready, I am willing to take them to it!

And how's this for risky....I do think we all, as a part of the body, have a responsibility to share the gospel. We may not all be skilled in it. It may not be our strong point. We may be uncomfortable in it, but we all have a responsibility in it. Now this is not to say we all have to go spread the word to all the nations, because we don't. If we see 10,000 souls won to Christ, it will not improve our standing in God's eyes. If we work hard for 10 years and never see one, it does not make us less of a Christian. Here's how I think about it- you see that person who is without God, who you have had opportunity after opportunity to share Christ with him or her, and haven't? Let's say Jesus comes tonight, or you never see her again, or whatever. I don't want to later think about them saying "Dude, why didn't you tell me?" Again, thier salvation is not our responsibility- so don't feel guilty, but given the opportunity to lead a person to the choice of Christ, that lies with us.

Is this so freaking radical? Is this really that extreme? It is horrible to have a vision, to have passion, to reject seniality? (senile-ness?) I reject that I am too extreme. In fact, I am not extreme. I am a wus. I look around at all the opportunities I have, all the situations I am in, all my resources, and I know that I am not responsible with them.

I am visionary though. I see things possible that not to many others can see. And I act a little drastically, act a little unconventionally, even recklessy at times. Why am I like a puppy on speed? Look at the guy that Jesus healed of blindness: The guy is probably about 30 or so, and was born blind- never saw a thing. Then Jesus opened his eyes- gave him vision- and what happened next? This guy stood up before the Pharasees- like me standing in front of the President and his Cabinet or something- and proclaimed Christ. He stood up for him. He told the villagers. He went crazy, and so would you. He was like a puppy on speed. Need I draw the parallel for you?

Or maybe check out....Paul. Look at this guy- he was walking in darkness- didn' t know the truth. What happened? He was knocked of his high horse and then blinded. After he was given back his vision and had experienced the living God in a way he never thought possible, what did he do? He was like a puppy on speed. He tore it up. And he never resisted.

Check this- in France there was this girl, I think her name was Duran or something, and she was 14 years old. The authorities asked her to recant her faith, and when she didn't they locked her in a tower by the sea. The room had stone walls and floor. This is no fairy tale, this happened. She was locked up there for the next 30 something years, I think it was 34, and all she had to do was recant to get out. To this day, if you go to that tower and look in the room, there is the word "RESIST" scratched multiple times into those stone walls. And you think I am radical?

Or Peter, who saw something so amazing it provoked him to spread the world all over the place, and when he died, he requested to be crucified upside down. Or the others who walked away from everything they knew to follow Christ, and later were skinned and fried alive, crucified, stoned, whipped, beaten, jailed, etc. for him. They broke the law. They abandoned thier lives and what people thought about them. People had to wonder why- which gave them the perfect opening into Christ. And I am extreme?

Need I say more?
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