Tuesday, October 04, 2005

just a college student

Ok, so I'm just a college student. Big deal.

Am I allowed to have faith in something greater than myself? Am I allowed to share with people the most incredible thing that exists? Or would you rather I keep it all to myself?

Let me ask you this: What does it mean to live? What does it mean to live free? We are all searching- face it. Look what we've turned to...shallow pop culture, changing trends and selfish desires. Where has this left us? I'll tell you where it has left us- sitting on a foundation that is cracked and shaking and about to fall over, and we all know it. We are prisoners to our obsessions. We are in bondage to imperfection. We are POW's in the war of existance, a war that we were born into, and it is real. It's like the Matrix.

Do you ever wonder if there is something more to life than this...just going to class, to work, raising a family, living in a house...yadda yadda? What ever happened to real life- you know, adventure, beauty, intimacy? We all want something, we are all fighting for something, we just don't know what it is. But you know what- we are all crying out for the same thing. We are not alone in this struggle, this epic tale.

Why are men not standing firm, fighting for anything? Why does Hollywood control how we think? Why are we so content with what we see happening all around us? Why do we blame the government for everything, or the authorities, or whoever we can? Why are we afraid to belong to something?

We are searching for love- true love, not the TV version of sex and happiness, but rather an absolute acceptance that is unconditional- no strings attached; a love that defies all that we know, that breaks the laws of our material and success driven minds, that heals our hearts and breaths life into our souls.

Why are we afraid to shine? What stops us from becoming dangerously good, intensely pure, passionately humble? Why are we afraid to love? Is it wrong to reach out to a man or woman who is desperately crying out for someone to notice? Why is suicide an option?

Are we afraid of fear? Are we scared to be a hero, to lay down our lives for a cause? What is different now than in the 60's? Can we not rally behind the ultimate cause? Can we not recieve strength and support, encouragement and love? Can we not live our lives as if there were no tomorow? That if tomorow comes, it is a blessing, but today we will fight? But we are confined to our couches, captivated by our video games. We are in a groove, and we are resistant to change. We think we are radical, but we do not truly know what it means to radically, recklessly abandon our lives. We think we are something else, but we know we are lost. This does not have to be.

Why do we not realize that our role is crucial? When? Now. How long? Forever. But what?

What does it mean to really live? There is an answer.
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